NFL Playoffs: Appreciate greatness

Cameron Turner

So last week I was off in such a big way, going 2-2 on predictions. But what can you do when trying to predict a game against the high-powered Pittsburgh Steelers, or the unpredictable Green Bay Packers.

Last week I predicted correctly the games of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeating the Texans; and the Falcons beating the injury riddled Seattle Seahawks.

However, although I knew a great game was on the way with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Steelers, I never could have guessed that the Running Back Le’Veon Bell would have the day he did – leading the Steelers to a controversial holding call win at 18-16 over the Chiefs. I had mentioned star power, and although the Chiefs played a fantastic game, the Steelers showed just how hot their team can be.

With my correct prediction of the Patriots winning and the Steelers powering through this sets up an AFC Championship for the ages. In the last 14 seasons, it has been Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger taking the crown in all but one year – which was Joe Flacco in 2012.

Which brings me to my point of this piece – although I will officially give my prediction of the Patriots winning tonight 27-24 over the Steelers. I would implore people to watch the game because anything is possible. Although, the Patriots ‘never’ lose at home, the idea of a Roethlisberger – Brady matchup, this may never happen again. Tom Brady and Big Ben are getting up there in age and therefore these two great franchises may be looking to move on from these two first-ballot quarterbacks. One must truly appreciate the game, which is about to be played, with Peyton already retired; there may never again be such a matchup as Big Ben and Brady.

I would love to see Big Ben and the Steelers prevail over Brady – if they are not able to do so and Brady advances to another Super Bowl, the only thing that will be accomplished is Brady strengthening his case to be named the greatest quarterback of all time. Currently, this argument can be made but due to Joe Montana’s phenomenal Super Bowl record, and Brady having lost a few Super Bowls along the way this argument is still not solidified.

So in conclusion, lets wave those terrible towels, but lets sit back and watch two of the best quarterbacks on two of the best franchises go at it.

Last week I predicted the Cowboys would win – I was wrong in such a big way. I picked the Cowboys to win 27-21, but the real score in reality was 34-31 – as the Cowboys battled back in a huge way with kicker Dan Bailey tying the game up at 31-31 with: 35 seconds left. Looking like it was going to overtime, Aaron Rodgers pulled off his magic to drive down the field to set up a magical Mason Crosby field goal for the win as time expired. I was wrong, and I should not have betted against a hot Rodgers.

He has me convinced and I am jumping on the Aaron Rodgers train, therefore I am giving my prediction of the Packers winning 31-27. I do think the high-flying Falcons – who I correctly predicted to defeat the Seahawks – will put up a solid fight, possibly even taking the early lead. But I think we cant count out the Packers who have gone on a crazy run through the second half of the regular season and into the playoffs.

Rodgers will make it a game, Rodgers will come back from an early second half down, and Rodgers and the Packers will advance to take on Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Regardless of if I get my predictions correct or I am vastly wrong, I hope everyone is able to set aside some time to watch this week’s AFC and NFC championship games, as the four remaining teams and their quarterbacks have set the public up with some solid historical matchups.

We may never see matchups again between teams as good as we are getting this Sunday, enjoy watching history in the making. Do not take advantage of great moments in sports history.

Sports Editor’s note: This blog was written prior to the start of the Falcons vs. Packers game, but could not be posted due to computer and internet issues.