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Time is flying by

Saturday, February 6th, 2016
Cameron Turner

The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 has been one crazy ride so far.

As I have now wrapped up my first six months of many being employed here at The Evening Sun, I could not have imagined that the time would have passed so quickly. I have had so many great times, and memories in such a short time.

I have learned so many tricks of the trade that I was unaware of when graduating from college. I have covered so many different areas in journalism, one aspect and something I think working for a local newspaper really helps with. This versatility and truly soaking in a broad range of topics from court, crime, sports, drug panels, school events, meetings, and so on has given me so much experience. Experience that I think has helped me grow as a person and as a writer.

I was amazed by the staff that is employed at The Evening Sun when I started and instantly knew I would enjoy working with them. Now just over six months later, I would agree even more with that statement and add that I am amazed with the amount of work and effort that each individual puts into their work on a daily basis.

The yearly Progress Chenango Edition, a recap and brief look forward for Chenango County Businesses, was truly a growing experience for me and has taught me some key time management techniques I will be carrying into this 2016 year.

Due to currently being understaffed, we had to bring on some stringers to help out with the Sports section. I want to personally thank Kieran Coffey and Grady Thompson for their effort and work helping us manage when times get tough, and not just manage but operate in my own personal opinion at a very high level.

But with that it has not all been happy and good all the time. While working on covering courts and crime I have seen, and now know many things that go on in our communities here in Chenango County that are saddening. Our addiction and crime problem for the small communities we live in is honestly disgusting but it is good to see small progressive steps being taken to address these issues. I look forward to seeing these small steps hopefully progress as 2016 continues.

Let alone the problems that face our community, as well as added stress from being understaffed and living the adult life now, it can be daunting at times. But with the great friends I have now right here at The Evening Sun, no task seems too daunting.

It is however important to step away from work for a bit and regroup from time to time. That is why with the big game coming up this Sunday featuring Denver and Carolina, I will be in full force cheering on my favorite football player and reason I started watching football way back, Peyton Manning.

I would like nothing more than to see Peyton and company win this big game over Carolina, as the legend himself notches win number 200 and becomes the most winningest quarterback in history, before he rides out into the sunset towards retirement.

So on that note, Go Denver!