Love food, will travel

Sami Gillette

Some of my favorite parts of the day are lunch and dinner. What I love more than eating at home is when I travel and experience different food. Whether it’s take out, a fancy restaurant or street food – all of it is amazing. Food is by far the best way to experience a place, different cultures and to have a shared experience with friends. Here are some of my top favorites in the US and abroad:

- Pasta – Lupa Osteria Romana, NYC. This restaurant is owned by Mario Batali and the pasta was far beyond anything my mother or Italian cousin could ever come close to. Everything was incredibly fresh, the pasta had a texture and flavor that redefined my understanding of what pasta means. And the limoncello was wonderfully tart and lemony, as it was made fresh that day. Just make sure you come with someone who is financially conscious – without guidance I would have spent more $$$ than was wise (so easy to do).

- Brownies – made at home, are sometimes the best. They’re so good, you’d believe they were hand delivered by the Chocolate Gods:

- Street Food – Trinidad & Tobago. Though the Caribbean is hailed more often for its resorts than its cuisine, don’t let that fool you. Flavors are out of this world and the price at around $5 US can’t be beat. Personally, I would suggest grabbing a gyro on Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain, chicken and fries at Smokey & Bunty’s or bake ‘n shark at Maracas Bay.

- Waffles – London. If you’re in the UK and happen to see a waffle truck called Waffles de Liege follow your nose and buy one. With or without toppings they are the best waffles I’ve ever had.

- Rice Cakes – Chinatown, NYC. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where I had this dish but it was the best Chinese I’ve ever had, and once again, at a great price ($5).

- Wine – some of the best wine I’ve ever had was at a little restaurant in Wales. It was a German white wine and I fell in love. For those hoping to discover another great white wine I’d suggest looking at this article, which overviews Sancerre (a sauvignon blanc).