First Day Jitters

Sami Gillette

When I arrived at the Evening Sun for my first day as a reporter I had to sit in my car for a few minutes after I pulled into the parking lot. I wiped my palms on my pants because they were sweaty and made sure to take a few deep breaths. But as soon as I entered the office I relaxed because Ashley and Matt greeted me with warm and friendly smiles – even though I was interrupting their meeting. Matt asked me to sit and went into a break down of a typical day.

They both made me feel at ease and answered my questions, which were quite numerous considering the fact that I have never worked as a journalist before. Don’t get me wrong – I have enjoyed writing since I was little (just ask my mom). But I haven’t had much experience interviewing before (yikes!) and my note taking can get pretty messy. So please, dear reader, if I happen to interview you, I would greatly appreciate patience and understanding as I navigate my way through asking questions.

But I digress… After figuring out what story idea I should pitch for my first article the fun continued. I was introduced to Richard Snyder, owner of Snyder Communications, who was very warm and informative. Shawn offered to show me around and I was able to meet District Attorney Joseph McBride and Mayor Joseph Maiurano. He thought it best I meet them because I will be covering the cases that appear in the courtroom – a task I am excited to take on.

Overall, I feel lucky to have joined a fun team, I’ve started a career that will allow me to write and get paid for it (everyone in the journalism industry knows how rare a thing that is), and I get to interview the people that make up the area and home I love. I couldn’t ask for more than that!