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Ashley Babbitt

Well, there’ve been requests via the almighty ’30 Seconds’ that we blog more. According to the poster, we should have enough time. So, here goes nothin’. Literally, this will probably be a blog about nothing.

The reporters and I have been working tirelessly on the annual Progress Chenango edition, set to be published the week of Jan. 27. This work is done on top of the regular daily workload, and they’ve been devoting many hours at interviews or sitting at their desks typing away.

This past week has been my busiest in recent memory, and now it’s all a blur. I can tell you I was at the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office four out of five days last week. I can only remember two of the reasons why at this time. Oh, wait – the third just came to me. I still have no clue what I did on Tuesday. I spent a couple hours with Chenango County Court Judge Frank Revoir, and that was interesting. An hour or more was spent with Norwich Police Chief Joe Angelino, and I thoroughly enjoyed that interview. Same goes for the interview I had with District Attorney Joe McBride.

Mind you, I have to write stories about each of the above interviews today, but am opting to blog first, because … well, I haven’t had enough coffee yet and this blog is more mindless.

In addition to my regular duties of building the paper, answering phone calls and emails, managing an editorial staff, drinking coffee, listening to music, and doodling on a white board, and writing, I’ve been doing some other things as a form of stress relief.

I covered county court on Friday because I felt like it. Another reason I wanted to go is because I reported on a meeting held at the CCSO Thursday night where McBride encouraged those in attendance to make a public presence at court, and I wanted to see if his advice was heeded. As for Friday’s court … nope. It was the usual staff, the judge and lawyers, defendants and family, and myself. Granted, some people hold jobs that don’t allow them the freedom to sit in a court room from 10:30 a.m. until noon, but I thought a few people might show and I wanted to follow up.

Reminder to the public if they do decide to check out court, it’s wise to leave your phone in your car, as well as any other cameras or recording devices, and – as always – bring no weapons. I like to go with four notebooks, a pen in my hair (and three extras in my purse … I tend to go places with allllmost dead pens), and four bottles of water. Even though this week will be busy, I want to cover court again Monday to see if members of the public attend.

Shifting gears, as most people know, the body of Christopher Gonzalez was found off of Route 36 on Friday afternoon. I believe I have mentioned the power of social media before, but if not, I’ll touch on that only briefly.

I received 11 messages to my personal Facebook account on Friday that simply said “Hey, what’s with the body found?” or “Body on Pratt Rd!” or “Know anything about the body?” I called the State Police and asked, and was told there was no information. I knew the State Police were leading the investigation, but gave it a shot and called the CCSO too, and hit a dead end, as expected.

One more message was sent via Facebook, and I thought, “Okay, fine. I’m not finding out anything by calling authorities, and I don’t have to build Monday’s pages until Sunday, so I have time. I’ll grab my camera and drive around.”

After traveling down 36 for a short time, I ran into a bunch of police vehicles, so I pulled over at a safe location, got out of my car, and took a bunch of photos. Thank you, Facebook friends, for the heads up.

Reporters attempted to get in touch with police who would confirm reports, but it took a little time. We were told that they would have a statement around 4 p.m. At that time, we were able to release the information we had.

I had planned – for weeks – to spend this weekend in New Hampshire, my favorite place to chill. After this week, I really, really needed to get away. However, I had to cancel my plans because there is so much work to do. I hope to get out there the final weekend of January, otherwise it will be the first month since June that I have not made the journey, and that really bums me out. My time there re-boots my brain, calms down my nerves, and makes my heart and head happy. I come back ready to roll, and it’s such a refreshing feeling. Hopefully the universe will cooperate for a Jan. 31 weekend trip.

Hmm … what else has been happening?

Oh, despite how busy I have been (and will continue to be), I still need to have a life. I checked out the local band The Suspicious Hats at The Blarney Stone Pub on Friday night, and that was fun. They always put on a good show. This was, however, two-fold, as I also needed photos for a story I’m working on about live music in the area. My ginger ale with cranberry juice and a slice (or three) of lime was tasty every time I ordered it. The band played some of my favorite tunes.

I opted to do zero work on Saturday, since I was supposed to be in New Hampshire anyway. It felt nice, but leaves me a lot to catch up on today. Oh well. I love to write, so I can’t complain.

Side-note for the fun of it: I have some of the most hilarious, entertaining friends on the planet. My day of zero work was spectacular.

I realized I need to try more things. I’ve never been on a motorcycle. I only theoretically know how to drive a car with manual transmission. I’ve never jumped out of a plane. I need to check off a couple of those. Soon.

Long-time Sports Editor Pat Newell will be high-tailing it to New Mexico after the winter sports season ends. I am happy for him and his other half to take part in new adventures on the other side of the country, but I’ll miss him. I should find out if he likes cake. Or brownies. Or cookies. And if so, I should make some for him before he leaves.

That being said, we’re on the lookout for a new Sports Ed. If you’re interested, please send resume, cover letter, and writing samples to abiviano@evesun.com.

I feel like I add this in just about everything I write, but:

Dear school bus drivers,

You are not entitled. You’re entrusted with the safety and care of transporting kiddos to and from school. Four-way stop signs apply to you. So do red lights. So do speed limits. In a school zone, you should not be traveling faster than 15 mph. In the city, you shouldn’t exceed 30 mph. The last thing that needs to happen is an accident with a school bus full of children and another vehicle, or a bus-on-pedestrian accident. Seriously. Slow it down and pay attention. I’m sure parents and the general public would appreciate your cooperation. If you want me to stop for you when you put out your stop sign, you need to follow the other basics of travel.


On a related note, the light at the Hale St and Midland Drive/Prentice Street intersection is back in operating order. While it was a four-way stop during the few days it took for repairs of the signal, I witnessed so many people running through the sign. It really makes sense to pay attention when you’re driving, especially since that intersection is so close to the school, and the area sees heavy traffic in the mornings and afternoons throughout the week.

We had some cold temperatures lately, and complaints came from all over. Newsflash: It is January in Central New York. It gets cold. Don’t worry, spring will arrive soon enough and it’ll be muddy and rainy, and I’m sure people will have to gripe about that one. I allow myself one complaint per season. I’ve already used my winter complaint, and I got it out of the way early.

I love rain – as a matter of fact I’m listening to Trevor Hall’s tune “Good Rain” right now – so it’s always hard to come up with a complaint about spring. I guess mine will be something like, “Man, it’s cloudy but warm, I wish it were raining so I could go play in the puddles.”

It has been weeks since I’ve seen my best friend. She lives a 1.5 minute drive away. We just had a conversation about our mutual hate for “skinny jeans.” She is the best.

Alright, hopefully this is sufficient enough to keep the masses at bay for a little bit. Time to make some more coffee, and get to work.

Please be kind to one another. You don’t know what someone else is going through.