They have the right to know

Shawn Magrath

In spite of the surprise speed bump that slowed us down the last couple months, we are steadily restoring order in The Evening Sun newsroom. After losing two reporter positions and an editor in September, I think we’re close to getting all four wheels back on the ground. Our two newest reporters, Matt White and Brittany Grove, have adjusted their chair to the way they like it and are still learning rules of the reporting gig. Meanwhile, I’m settling back into my old beat: county government, Norwich City government, the Norwich City School District and a few not for profits in the area. It’s a slow return to normalcy after having covered everything – or at least, desperately trying to cover everything – during that month long stint when I was the only reporter on staff. As for Ashley, she’s growing the thick skin needed to take the public ridicule that comes with the ever so coveted job of newspaper editor. It’s amazing what she’s put up with so far, even though she is getting $90 an hour and a company car to do it…

Admittedly, our hometown daily has taken a hit in recent weeks. News stories have been slow to get out and there’s been more than few errors made along the way. Readers are becoming frustrated as are some local voices who feel their newsworthy tips are being underplayed or simply ignored altogether. In the broad scheme of things, it’s a feeling that’s warranted. After all, the bulk of our readership pays for local news and it’s certainly not unreasonable to want what’s paid for. County residents have a right to know how their taxes are being spent. They have a right to know how, or even if, elected officials are working in the best interest of the community. They have a right to know what’s happening in their hometown, the positive and the negative that can effect them both directly and indirectly. They have the right to know how their own decisions might themselves and others. They have the right to know and we here at The Evening Sun are obligated to serve as a viable source of information.

But at the same time (and at the risk of sounding cliché) Rome wasn’t built in a day. We are in the rebuilding process at The Evening Sun. I believe we finally have a good team of reporters on board, one that’s up to the challenge of learning the intricate details of every story from every approachable angle. We each carry with us a unique perspective while at the same time, doing our best to view each story objectively. And if there’s something we have missed, I believe we each share the same commitment to make it right because like I said, readers have the right to know.

The only thing I ask in return is a little bit of indulgence. We may be up to full staff but that’s a far cry from making us perfect. We will continue to improve but in the meantime, I’m asking for just the slightest conveyance of patience and understanding for me, for our new editor, and for our two new reporters. We’ll get there.