A blog about blogging… and so-on.

Matt White

One of my duties as a staff writer at a small hometown daily, is to contribute – at least weekly – to an online blog. I know The Evening Sun’s newest addition, Britt Grove, took no time in publishing her first blog, which is to be commended. I often forget about it, until someone in the newsroom mentions it… and then I usually spend a good 30 minutes or so trying to remember if I actually wrote or not this week. Moral of the story, for the three of you who read this blog (which is clearly an exaggeration): I’ll get there.
In the grand scheme of things, the Blog is situated lowest on my flagpole of priorities. In addition to writing daily for the Evening Sun, we as reporters have a host of other duties that vie for our attention; and all have a deadline that must be kept. For instance, I also write for our sister publication – The New Berlin Gazette – which thankfully is a weekly publication and other various editorial responsibilities that randomly make it to my desk with a simple “Por Favor” scratched on.
I’m sure it’s been uttered more than once; but a debt of thanks should granted to ES Senior writer Shawn Magrath and the Hometown Daily’s new Managing Editor, Ashley Biviano. The pair, along with good ol’ Pat Newell, the Norwich sports staple – who, regardless of his awareness IS an exceptional writer – managed to keep the outward appearance of this old girl moving gracefully into the future without haste. The stresses of daily deadline and expectations of the circulation were undetectable to the masses. They’ve carried the torch half-staffed, and Britt and are now here to share the weight of burden. Challenge accepted.
Inevitably, if I have not already erred, I promise now that I will. I also promise that I will try my hardest not to.
So, for now… that is all. I have other things to accomplish before day’s end.
You stay classy.