A universe governed by irony

Shawn Magrath

• In an unexpected twist of fate mixed with a dash of irony, fire ripped through parts of the newly rebuilt Jersey Boardwalk on Thursday. Of course, the New Jersey landmark made national headlines when most of it was swept away by Superstorm Sandy last October. Most of us, I’m sure, can recall the image of the mangled roller coaster that became a symbol of the damage Sandy left behind. Although no reports of injury have yet been reported as a result of the fire, my thoughts are with those who are dealing with the this second hard-hitting punch in less than a year. In the midst of the devastation, one thing is clear: God must have a grudge against the Jersey shore.

In Boulder Colorado, a place that was battling severe wildfires just a few short years ago, residents are taking on enormous amounts of flooding. Fire where there was flooding and flooding where there was fire… The universe really is governed by irony, isn’t it?

• It turns out Apple’s new iPhone is a disappointment. Apple makes a good product, but the company’s real success over the last two decades is attributed to its ability to innovate and introduce the world to cutting-edge concepts – features that I think that are lacking in Apple’s “latest and greatest.” Perhaps if the new iPhone made breakfast once in awhile, or slapped a hearty high-five every time I sent a text, I would have more faith that Apple will continue its success for another decade. But until then, my feelings are… complicated.

• In events closer to home, the Chenango County Board of Supervisors approved entering a 30-year lease agreement with the Eaton Center for rented space for the the county courts and court staff. Admittedly, I don’t have the fiscal sense to say this is a good or bad deal for the county, though I’ve gotten an ear full from both sides of the debate since a resolution to enter a lease was passed on Monday. Unfortunately, some of the finer details of the agreement took place behind the closed doors of executive session (a reporter’s enemy). I do, however, feel comfortable saying 30 years is an awfully long time. Just something to consider…

• Friday marks Kevin Doonan’s final day as an Evening Sun reporter. He’s devastated. But like a trooper, he’s working his way through this dark hour by cleaning out his desk and listening to R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” over and over and over and over. And just as former ES reporter Melissa DeCordova did when she left, he’s pawing through drawers of old, useless hard copy to leave behind with anyone who’s willing to take it. It’s the reporter equivalent of saying, “I never used this. Here, you throw it out for me.”