Member-Guest begins with a splash

Patrick Newell

Morning round participants at the Canasawacta Country Club Men’s Member-Guest tournament – yours truly included – completed their opening 18 holes under a steady rainfall. No, it never quite reached downpour status, but it was a steady drizzle that had rain gear flying out of players’ bags. As for me, I decided to forgo riding in the paid-for golf cart to avoid the misty pelts of water that soak driver and passenger en route to the next shot. Thanks to a tip from Bob Branham, I hung towels over the spokes (or whatever they are called) within my expanded umbrella, and dried my hands and clubs with dry towels before every shot. Plus, I could angle the umbrella down to avoid oncoming rain. My waterproof shoes proved they are NOT waterproof, but other than that, I stayed dry. Sixty of the 98 teams trudged through the morning round, and nearly a dozen were at level or under par. Seems like we have some good mudders in the field. Leading the way after 18 holes – no surprise – are back-to-back champions Tim Carson and Scott Seiler. Seiler’s younger brother – Todd – along with Bryan Smith share the lead with Carson-Seiler after firing matching 66s. Stay tuned for more tournament coverage this weekend, and follow me on Twitter @evesunpat.