Sports Editor’s Playbook, July 19, 2013

Patrick Newell

Just a short blog entry today as I head off to Virginia for a vacation. By my records, it’s my first week off in 54 weeks, so the design of the sports pages will rest in the capable hands of our editor, Brian Golden. Unlike our previous editor who admittedly eschewed most things sports related, Brian is indeed a sports fan – when he can actually spare a second or two. If you any urgent sports news, give Brian a shout next week.

I remember clear as a bell holding my son Elijah moments after he was born. He had what looked like a misshapen head, and he was a little yellow (jaundice, the doctor said). Well, that eight-pound, four-ounce newborn is now 18 years old, a high school graduate, and was sworn into the U.S. Air Force. (See Twitpic link below) Thursday afternoon in Syracuse. He is currently waiting for his job to book, then he will take off to San Antonio for basic training. I listened to people tell me how fast kids grow up, and didn’t pay much mind to it. Now I know.

Photo here of Elijah:

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