Well that’s one way of doing it

Kevin Doonan

I happened upon a rather interesting news story earlier today. This guy in New Mexico was seen having sex with a women while he was driving – allegedly at a high speed to boot – before running a red light and crashing into another car. The unclothed women was ejected from the vehicle via the front windshield. Luckily aside from a series of cuts on her face and head she is reportedly in stable condition. The guy on the other hand was not ejected from the vehicle so naturally he attempted to make his get away by driving away and leaving his damsel – I’m not actually aware of her martial status but one can hope – in severe distress. Fortunately someone managed to get the keys out of the ignition preventing the would be fleet footed Don Juan from making a clean exit.
But did he let a little thing like that discourage him? Of course not! For a man as ingenious as he there is always a way. So in an effort to evade detection he made for a nearby cacti, expertly concealing himself in amongst the prickly vegetation. Unfortunately some loudmouthed witness must have tipped the cops off because they managed to find him despite his brilliant concealment.
As is to be expected, once he was detained the man did what anyone else in their right mind would have done and refused to keep his pants on, much to the chagrin on the police cruiser’s backseat.
During the course of their investigation police found a half empty bottle of vodka in the man’s vehicle and it is also alleged that he really was quite drunk.
Thankfully it doesn’t sound as though anybody was injured too badly but I can only imagine what it most have been like to be the driver of the other car. I doubt they saw that one coming.