Oh, cruel world

Shawn Magrath

Hats off to the Chenango County Sheriff’s Department for their Sherburne drug bust (see Friday’s top story). As for those who claim it was a waste of time because marijuana possession is a petit crime, of course you’re entitled to your opinion and certainly welcome to challenge the law (which at times has been known to work for the best. “Separate but equal” comes immediately to mind). But perhaps – and this is just my own thought – calling your challengers “morons,” “cowards,” and “uneducated” isn’t the best battle tactic. I should also point out that no legitimate medical researcher has ever said weed “cures canceristic tumors,” as someone put it… assuming that “canceristic” means cancerous.

On a different topic, I’m not entirely sure what to think of this whole North Korea issue. While it wouldn’t be prudent to write off North Korea’s threats, it’s difficult not to considering their past missal tests have been so incredibly unsuccessful. Should they fire another, it’s impossible to predict how it would play out. Will they finally be successful? Or would it play out like a Benny Hill scene, with a nuclear rocket chasing Kim Jong Un (to the theme of Benny Hill, because it wouldn’t be as funny without it).

What a week! There’s no real explanation as to why, but people seemed despairingly negative these past few days… more so than usual. This week’s News – world, national and local – has been remarkably bleak, spinning people into a subsequent frenzy of grumbling and vexation. Guns, gas drilling, North Korea, school boards, drug busts, cause of death investigations (note, I didn’t say the “M” word, at least not yet…). None of these are new topics any means. But to me, it’s almost as if there has been more emphasis on them this week than there has been in a long time. People are vicious, I know, but it’s really beginning to hamper my spirit. A cold rainy Friday certainly doesn’t help. Oh, cruel world!