I’m the new kid

Ashley Babbitt

Happy Friday, folks. I’m Ashley, the newest addition to the team of Evening Sun reporters. Today marks the end of my first week here, and I feel as though it’s a pretty neat fit for me. Brian, Kevin and Shawn are a great group of guys and they’ve been nothing but helpful and welcoming. Everyone else I’ve met here thus far has been wonderful and it’s just overall a nice atmosphere.

My cubicle is becoming slightly cozier by the day. I returned from New Berlin Wednesday to some flowers on my desk, and I have post-its all over. Other than that, it’s pretty plain, but I’m sure in a few weeks time it’ll have some more pizazz. I thought about drawing a fishbowl on paper, adding a goldfish (or maybe a beta) and hanging it in the corner. That should bring the place to life.

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I ended it by checking out the parent/child yoga event at the Oxford Library. It was really neat to see. All the parents and children were taking an adventure through the forest. They were turtles, bears, lions, snakes, warriors, the whole lot. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find myself a little spot in the corner and join in for a minute. I’ll definitely be looking into the adult yoga classes the Black Horse Yoga Studio has to offer.

Don’t let the cool, damp weather stop you from heading out to enjoy some of the events going on in the area this weekend. You have three chances to catch The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at the Norwich High School, which I think will be terrific. Saturday night the Koresh Dance Company is performing at the Council of the Arts and that should be awesome as well.

If there’s something going on, and you think I should know about it, send me an email at abiviano@evesun.com
Oh, you can follow me on twitter too – @evesunashley