Letter from the Editor 4.8.13

Brian Golden

• Here we are, week four as Managing Editor of The Evening Sun and no … I haven’t forgotten how to blog, if anyone happened to be wondering. What can I say? It’s been more than a little … hectic … the last couple of weeks (not that I’m complaining), and we’re all making adjustments here in the newsroom as we move forward.

• With that said, a big welcome to Ashley Biviano, the latest in a long line of Evening Sun cub reporters. Ashley spent her first day in the newsroom exploring her new cubicle (get used to it, you’ll be spending a lot of time there) and adjusting to the controlled chaos that is life at 29 Lackawanna Ave. Hopefully we haven’t scared her too badly with our antics and keep an eye out for her very first byline on tomorrow’s front page (always an inspirational moment for any incoming staff writer).

• Moving on, I printed a Letter to the Editor today that literally had me on the verge of tears as I read – and edited, of course – it, one describing the trials and tribulations of the recovering addict. A more honest and heartfelt letter … I’m simply at a loss for words. I think most people are aware of our area’s ongoing issues concerning heroin and other controlled substances, and I hope today’s letter was as eye-opening for you as it was for me. The writer, who wished to remain anonymous (something I would normally not allow), deserves a lot of credit for his courage and continued sobriety. If you haven’t read this, please take the time to do so, either in print or online at evesun.com (I made the online version free for all, so you don’t even need a subscription … not that a subscription ever hurt anybody).

• And with that, I’m exiting the office for the day. Keep an eye out for future Letters from the Editor (aka blogs) penned by yours truly and we’ll see you all tomorrow.