Goodbye old friend

Patrick Newell

Get him to the Greek…yogurt that is.
Our newspaper made it official today: “Longtime Evening Sun editor leaving,” the headline read. Ironically, it was that longtime editor, Jeff Genung, who probably wrote that headline. We knew about Jeff’s decision a week ago this past Monday. Shocked doesn’t really quantify my reaction. Richard Snyder, our publisher, gave me a call late that Monday morning to break some news that would not make the papers for at least nine more days. For my 17 1/2 years here, Jeff sat in his office, and I sat in my cubicle. The reporting staff has turned over completely at least five or six times during our time together, and we’re in turnover again. I always thought “I” would be the one to cry uncle and depart The Evening Sun first. Chobani Yogurt, though, saw Jeff’s value and made him a tremendous offer, one none of us remaining on staff can begrudge.
Jeff came to The Evening Sun fresh out of Oswego State, hired in 1990. On Nov. 4 1991 – nearly half a lifetime ago for Jeff – he was announced as the newspaper’s new news editor. He assembled the paper for many years using archaic technology, and seamlessly transitioned to our current desktop publishing program in late 1994. Jeff brought The Evening Sun into the 21st century, and has embraced the social media phenomenon as a means to promote our product. He was/is damn good at his job, and I’m sure he’ll excel in Chobani’s communications department. On a personal note, I will clue in some readers on some truths about our outgoing editor: Those witty and “occasionally” sarcastic remarks he adds to “30 seconds” entries, he is even more witty and sarcastic (in a humorous way) in real life. As co-workers, he and I could not be more different. He was the Felix to my Oscar. (And yes, his work area would pass the white-glove test.) Despite his distaste for the orderly chaos that is my desk, he let me be me, and would step up and support me at a moment’s notice, if needed. That despite his admitted lack of knowledge (or interest) in sports. Jeff has always understood the importance of my part of the newspaper, even though, in reality, sports is as much entertainment as it is news. I cannot count the number of times Jeff has fixed or patched up my computer’s ails. Jeff was not only our boss and editor, he was a mentor, our computer IT department, and our friend. He ran The Evening Sun with professionalism and class for 21-plus years, and his presence will be sorely missed.

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