Slow down!

Brian Golden

Quite the accident report in today’s paper, which comes as such a surprise considering it’s WINTER out there. Seriously, I don’t know what is wrong with drivers this year, but slow the heck down when it looks like it’s getting icy/snowy/slippery/etc. What’s worse, if you ask me, those idiots who like to ride your … err … tail when the roads are looking slick, obviously in a hurry to get where they’re going and upset that we – the intelligent, safe drivers – are taking our time. Here’s a hint … leave ten or fifteen minutes early, no matter where you may be headed, and do your best to keep the roads safe for all of us.

You’d think we’ve never seen snow or ice before, the way this year has panned out. Cripes.

Well, it certainly didn’t take long for my column today to ruffle some feathers, although I must say the name calling and accusations are certainly uncalled for. A column, for the last time, is an opinion piece, and I have yet to pen something so utterly damning that it required Jeff to censor me and not include it in Wednesday’s paper, including today’s column. And today’s column was, if I say so myself, completely unbiased. I continue to support every Americans’ Second Ammendment rights, yet it’s become obvious that something needs to be done in regards to firearms in this country. Canada, England, you name the country; they simply don’t have the problems we have when it comes to shootings.

Case closed.

And with that, the ever popular “Most Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds’ Post of the Week (thus far),” brought to us by the one and only Man from McDonough (and taken from the pages of Monday’s edition of The Evening Sun).
“I observed a person in Oxford buying soda with his EBT card. Then he went outside, dumped all the soda out of them, took them back, got the deposit back and bought what he really wanted. When are they going to clamp down on this?”

Well, Man from McDonough, I must admit this makes absolutely no sense at all. Unless the person in question (if this really happened) received and dumped … let’s see … more than ten cases or so of soda, they really didn’t make all that much money. How about some math? Ten cases of soda equals 240 cans, times five for the deposit, and you have $12 in cash. Wouldn’t they just be better off selling the soda to a friend or relative? Sorry, but it simply sounds like a whole lot of work simply to make a quick ten bucks … or five bucks … or even two bucks (still two cases of soda to be dumped). Then again, stranger things have happened (and do all the time) here in Chenango County.