Sports Editor’s Playbook, Friday, Jan. 11, 2013

Patrick Newell

I feel for my good friend Stephen Del Vecchio, a 1988 Notre Dame grad. Yes, the same Notre Dame that was squashed by Alabama Monday night in the BCS championship game. The writing was on the wall early for the Irish, and perhaps Stephen had an inkling beforehand about how this game would shake out. After watching any 10- or 15-minute segment of that game, does anyone believe Notre Dame was one of the top two teams in the nation? What about the top five? Upon further review, Notre Dame may not have been among the top three or four teams in the SEC this year. Don’t blame the Irish, though, blame the BCS system.
What this year’s national championship game revealed was more damning evidence against the illogical one-versus-two title game with the winner take all. Next year, we’ll have the long-awaited mini-playoff, but even the four-team playoff is flawed. Under next year’s new-and-improved college football playoff format, Texas A & M would have been excluded. The Aggies beat Alabama late in the regular season, and were playing as good as anyone at the end of the year. Is there anyone who would NOT want to see a rematch between the Tide and Texas A&M? It won’t be long before pundits will clamor for an expansion of the four-team playoff. Here’s a novel thought: Why not get it right the first time and create an eight-team playoff? That would be too easy.

A few local teams are embracing the technology for summing up basketball statistics, and a program on the IPad compiles nearly every statistic imaginable. Armed with a fast-fingered person entering data in real time, coaches can look at shot charts and rapidly assess individual performance at a moment’s notice. The final results can also be shared by email immediately after the completion of a game. Wednesday, I received the game report from a team that will remain nameless. I looked up and down the statistical lines looking for anything of note. On the last line, I noticed the most revealing statistic – perhaps the most shocking number I have every witnessed. The last line summed up the total turnovers. In this game – 32 minutes in length – the team in question committed 53 turnovers! I contacted the person who sent the email, and verified the total. Surely this was a typo? No, the total was correct. This team still took 44 shots in the game, and lost by just eight points. Those turnovers equate to 53 missed opportunities at shooting and scoring. Take away half of those turnovers – still a large total – and the team wins the game shooting just 20 percent from the field. Former G-MU coach Bill Hartman often used the phrase,in relation to turnovers, “treasure the basketball.” Giving a team 53 additional possessions is simply unacceptable, and a recipe for a coach’s hair loss or premature graying. Treasure the basketball, people.

Some other basketball notes…since losing to Sidney 48-34 four weeks ago, Greene’s boys basketball team has won six straight games to improve to 7-2 on the season. The Trojans are averaging over 63 points a game during the streak and have won by at least 12 points in every game. The team is well rounded under head coach Rick Smith, who preaches an up-tempo, fast-breaking style that lends itself to plenty of offense. “I feel we have the capability to beat the best teams in our league.  When we are shooting well from the three-point area we are tough,” Smith said. “We need to complement that with a good inside game.  We also have to match an opponents intensity better when things are tough.  And as always, we need to protect the basketball and rebound better against our toughest opponents.  The next couple of weeks will tell a lot about our team.” Next week the Trojans host defending league champion Unatego, and play at B-G Friday, who have won seven out of eight games…Speaking of Bainbridge-Guilford, a pair of forwards – Austin Bauerle for the boys and Morgan Bullis for the girls – have put up back-to-back monster double-doubles. In the last two games, Bauerle has 41 total points and 39 rebounds. He’s also stepped behind the three-point arc hitting six total trifectas. Bullis, just a sophomore, has 35 points and 28 total rebounds in wins over Marathon and Deposit.*

For those who love wrestling, check online later this weekend for results from the Eastern States Classic, hosted by Sullivan Community College. Other than the New York State championships, you won’t find a New York high school tournament with a better assemblage of grapplers. Norwich’s Tristan Rifanburg and Greene’s Dan Dickman are Chenango County’s top-seeded entries receiving two seeds at 132 and 152 pounds respectively.
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