Editor’s Notebook: 1/7/13

Jeff Genung

• Probably dated myself severely with the Columbo reference in today’s editorial, didn’t I? Not even going to guess what the “Murder, She Wrote” reference may have done.

• Nice to see that the Sheriff’s Department is updating its “Most Wanted” list. Hopefully spreading the word will help land some of these miscreants back behind bars. That said, the whole Sheriff’s Facebook page leaves me a bit puzzled. I can see the rationale behind posting their recent arrests on that page, but allowing people to comment on them freely has gotten out of hand on more than one occasion. There was one in particular last week that garnered more than 40 comments overnight – and not even about the arrest itself, but a profanity-laden flame war among the commenters. Guys, Facebook allows you to filter that %&^#.

• Then again, I publish ‘30 Seconds,’ so I should talk. At least the language is clean.

• Stayed up way past my bedtime last night watching the two-hour premiere of “Downton Abbey” season three on PBS. (I like adding ‘PBS’ like I do ‘NPR,’ to make me sound like a smartie). Loved, loved, loved Shirley Maclaine’s turn as Martha Levinson, the aging socialite who turned Matthew and granddaughter Mary’s nuptials upside down. Never thought anyone could steal a scene from Dame Maggie Smith until last night!