So long, holidays and happy birthday to me

Brian Golden

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this week – actually the last two weeks – have been completely out of whack for this mild-mannered newspaper reporter. This, of course, due to the holidays (and Christmas and New Year’s falling on Monday and Tuesday, respectively), and I’m sincerely hoping for a weekend of “rest and relaxation” (like there’s really any rest or relaxation for an Evening Sun employee at this time considering our Progress deadline is right around the corner). I have, however, been making strides in regards to Progress 2013, although there are a number of distractions I could do without … namely my 36th birthday (next Saturday) and the release of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s ‘A Memory of Light,’ a book I’ve been waiting for for more than a decade now.

Note to readers, ‘A Memory of Light’ is the final volume of Jordan’s epic fantasy, ‘The Wheel of Time,’ which consists of fourteen books (not to mention a prequel novel), hence the long wait for this, the story’s grand finale. To say I’m excited for the book would be a major understatement, and it will be difficult, to say the least, to put it down once I pick it up next week. As for my birthday … well, now that I’m on the downslope to 40 … that I’m not so excited for.

Despite that out of whack feeling, Christmas and New Year’s Day were both a great time, spent with the family up on Prospect Street. It’s not too often we manage to get all four of us together (my mom, stepfather, grandmother and I) outside of the holiday season, and it’s always a pleasure, particularly when you consider mom’s home cooking. Sure I don’t mind living off Hot Pockets and Byrne Dairy subs throughout the week, but a home cooked meal is something you won’t find this reporter turning down very often.

With that … the latest installment of “Most Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds’ Post of the Week,” brought to us by Man from Oxford.
“Assault weapons are regulated under the NFA. The problem is the libs are trying to expand the definition of assault weapons to include semi-automatic rifles. It’s another step in total gun confiscation. We all know that the big city politicians want to ban handguns, too. Next, your deer gun will be a dangerous sniper rifle if it has a scope on it.”

Needless to say, I’m sick and tired (once again) of the gun debate, and both sides of said debate are equally annoying. Nobody … and I mean nobody … has said anything about “total gun confiscation,” something that will never happen in this country even if it were the right way to deal with this situation. Relax, hunters and gun owners, while it may be more difficult at some point in the future to own that semi-automatic of your dreams, you will certainly be able to do so following whatever guidelines our fearless leaders come up with. To say “they” are trying to take away all your guns is ridiculous. And yes, I do think it should be difficult to own a gun, particularly certain types. God only knows we have enough irresponsible (not to mention just plain stupid) people out there, and I think we’ll all feel better if the guns are kept out of their hands. Enough said.