Thoughts and prayers … and other stuff

Brian Golden

Another school shooting, this time at a Connecticut elementary school. Dozens dead, many of them young children. And no, I’m not going to turn this into another anti-gun plea, because I am not – nor have I ever been – anti-gun. I’m simply tired of the wrong people getting their hands on these weapons, an occurrence that seems to be happening more and more often. Senseless violence is all it is and there’s simply no excuse for it. My prayers and thoughts go out to the families of those impacted by this tragedy, and I pray that someday we can find a viable solution to this growing problem.

Let’s pray, as well, that something like this never happens in Chenango County, because that would be surreal to say the least, and truly heartbreaking. Then again, that’s probably how they’re feeling in Connecticut. What a world we live in.

On a brighter note, I had a chance to see the international space station zooming across the night sky last night, thanks to the good folks at WBNG who gave the heads up that it would be travelling across the west-northwest portion of said sky at approximately 6:36 p.m. And while it’s hard to believe that tiny speck of light is actually a space station (I can just hear Obi-Wan Kenobi now … “that’s no moon”), the thought of the structure hurtling through the cosmos certainly appeals to the science fiction fanatic within. Now if we could only build a true-to-scale Death Star, which would orbit the Earth protecting us from any and all future alien invasions … well, then we’d be all set.

You never know, it could happen.

And with that, this week’s “Most Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds’ Post of the Day,” brought to us by … Man from Norwich.
“Hey Brian!!!! I swear not to long ago there was an article saying Chenango County and the city are debt free. If this is true why raise taxes????”

Well, man from Norwich, I’m not sure how to answer you on this one considering I had no hand in writing either article. However, I believe one of the articles you’re referring to indeed stated Chenango County as debt free. Note to man from Norwich … the City of Norwich, while located within Chenango County, is not Chenango County. Cities, towns and counties all have their own taxes.

With that said, here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend. I’m off to Syracuse to put the finishing touches on Master Thieves’ soon to be released live disc with my musical brothers in arms, Capt. Chuck and Mr. Tozer, otherwise known as Kyle the drummer … even though his name is Eric.

Long story.