Now enters the holiday season

Shawn Magrath

Two to four inches of snow by Saturday? That’s almost twice as much as we had all last winter.

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was as good as mine. Good food, a great time with family, and unlike millions of gung-ho Christmas shoppers, I avoided all Black Friday (and pre-Black Friday) sales. It’s remarkable that for some people, Black Friday is their Superbowl, complete with a carefully thought-out strategic game plan of what stores – and what sections of those stores – should be hit-up first, were to go next, who should carry what, who should hold a spot in line and who does the brunt work of pushing other shoppers out of the way. I’d much rather wait until the dust settles to do my holiday shopping. No savings are worth that amount of insanity.

This weekend is the annual holiday favorite, the Parade of Lights. The parade steps off at 6:15 Saturday night and makes its way north on Broad Street before finishing at the parking lot of the Howard Johnson Hotel. On behalf of my esteemed colleagues at The Evening Sun, I say we’re pretty pumped up for the annual spectacle. It’s a great way to kick-off the holiday season. Keep an eye out for The Evening Sun float this year, complete with… pyrotechnics? No, probably not. But whatever we come up with, I’m sure it will be good, or at least on a trailer with lights (there’s a good start).

Here’s some stirring news for space lovers. NASA announced earlier this week that the Mars rover Curiosity has unearthed something on the Red Planet that will be β€œfor the history books,” but scientists aren’t ready to say what it is quite yet. In fact, they said they won’t give away the big surprise until December. Among other things, possible finding include: water, evidence of water erosion, evidence of life (of course), a Twinkie still in the wrapper, unprocessed Florida ballots, my spare car keys, and another Kardashian. Something to keep an eye on, I guess.