Trains, deer and Twinkies

Shawn Magrath

It looks like the revitalization of the railroad in Chenango County is a strong possibility after all. As much as I had wanted to see trains running the rails again, I admit, I never thought it could (or would) actually happen. But now that the Chenango IDA is one step closer to bringing that idea to fruition and have secured funds to make the needed repairs, I take it back. It does leave me with some questions though: Why, if the company doesn’t have to foot the bill for repairs to its line, does the NYS&W Railroad still want to detach themselves from it? Will the railroad be viable if its operational? Admittedly, the Utica Main Line that runs through the county could carry huge economic benefits, but will it? I want to see the railroad running as much as anyone else but at the same time, I would hate to see money thrown into a black hole.

Earlier this week, the front of my car nearly met its fate after a close-call with a deer standing in the middle of Rt. 12, leaving me with a newfound fear of night driving and a permanently indented steering wheel from my death grip. As a result, I’ve put out a bounty on the deer that was too dumb to move out of the way. Description: Roughly 5′ tall; brown; no antlers; four legs; covered in fur; and black; soulless eyes. Good luck.

And a moment for silence for the long-relished Twinkie. This week, Hostess, maker of the Twinkie (and Wonder Bread) went belly up, blaming its failure on a workers strike and a new demanding contract. Twinkies now join the ranks of Squeeze-It juice bottles, the Chipwich, and Surge soft drink (the Mountain Dew alternative). So we bid a final farewell to the snack everyone loved… and nobody ate.