Sign of the cross

Kevin Doonan

David Jimenez’s wife gets ovarian cancer. He goes to a St. Patrick’s Church in Newburgh, N.Y., and prays before a gigantic, 600-lb., crucifix for his wife’s speedy recovery. The wife makes it and Jimenez attributes his wife’s cancer-free status to the time he spent putting his palms together before the jumbo cross. To show his appreciation, he volunteered to clean the crucifix and in May, 2010, it fell on him. Jimenez’s leg had to be amputated and now he is suing the church for $3 million.

Didn’t he hear? The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. It probably would have been safer to clean his wife’s doctor’s car instead. The church had been able to raise $7,000 to help Jimenez out before he filed the lawsuit. Where does he think the church is going to get $3 million anyway? The Catholics haven’t been making that kind of bank since the Renaissance. And what did Jimenez expect was going to happen when he scaled the crucifix to rub Jesus’ face with a soapy cloth? It’s doubtful that the artist who created the cross intended for it to be used as a ladder. It was a statue, not a jungle gym.