The New Normal

Kevin Doonan

Of course something that has been on everyone’s minds and all over the news this week has been Superstorm Sandy, the Frankenstorm. Much talk has revolved around the notion that freakish super storms are going to be the new norm and debate has already begun to rage as to the significance Sandy has in regards to proving/disproving the theory of global warming. The entire discussion is worrying and I can already feel my hypothalamus signalling my pea-sized pituitary gland to release buckets of adrenocorticotropin.

But an interesting comment I overheard was how Sandy acted as a mini economic stimuli for the upstate community that prepared for the worst, but spared the mutilation wrought upon the lower portions of the state. The commentator pointed out how it was actually a good for local economies where grocery and appliance store shelves were strip-mined of their resources as people hurriedly stocked up for the impending Sandypocalypse.

This struck a chord with me. He was right; in a economic system based on continual growth and expansion, success is measured by consumption. Buying vast quantities of mercantile goods that later prove unnecessary, seems like a monumental waste to me. I believe frugalness is not only an advantageous and admirable quality, but that it will also soon prove imperative to our survival as a species. As our population grows ever more bloated and glutenous in proportion, it seems ever more likely that in our lifetime we will witness our species surpassing the capacity of Earth. Like a starving deer population which has depleted its food source, it seems as though will some day we will be the cause of our own demise when we face shortages of our own creation more detrimental then spiking gas prices.

And now I hear that China wants to reevaluate its one-child policy? I am missing something or are people activily trying to place us in a situation were we have to sqeeze blood from a stone? I think I have to have a lie-down.