Get your arm floaties

Shawn Magrath

I’ll be forthright: I did some stupid things when I first got my drivers license. I loaded too many people in the back seat of my 1995 Subaru Impreza, jumped the train tracks (not the ones in town), and got it it stuck on the front lawn of the school (in my defense, it wasn’t intentional. Not to mention, I had the last front-wheel drive Subaru on the face of the earth). Even so, I never did anything so dumb as “test drive” a car through a moving body of water. That’s exactly what happened earlier this week, when someone allegedly drove a car from a Norwich dealership through Canasawacta Creek; a prompt reminder that the dull-whited can really be a thing of supernatural wonderment. So I offer a tip of the hat to you, potential car buyer from Norwich, for making the rest of us consider the notion that no matter what level of stupid leaks from between our ears, there’s always someone who can outdo it.

Keeping on the subject of local news, this Saturday has shaped up to be a busy one in the city. Congressman Richard Hanna will be campaigning at the Norwich Fire Department at 12:30. It’s the final meet and great session for people living in the area before heading to the polls in November. Lest we forget, the YMCA Halloween Parade is also Saturday. It steps off at 2 p.m., followed immediately by the “Rally to Protect Our Towns in East Park.” It looks like I’ll be spending a good part of my day with camera in hand.

Brace yourself, make sure your flashlight works and that your arm floaties are fully inflated. The “storm of the century,” dubbed “Frankenstorm” by the people who get paid to think up a name, is filing its way toward Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. As of now, forecasters aren’t sure enough to say when, or if, the storm makes landfall, but all agree: Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.