Up for debate …

Kevin Doonan

Many in the media have called tonight’s presidential debate crucial. I cannot help be feel though that the emphasis on the word “crucial” is more a result of broadcasters trying to sell the importance of the debate. Like any pitch, it needs to have an edge to it and so the use of words that excite are mandatory.

I cannot help but feel that, although according to many preliminary polls this presidental race is a close one, most voters have already made up their minds. I mean who plans to walk into the voting booth in two weeks and make a snap decision based on who performed better in the presidential debate? Maybe a lot of people. In the end the presidency has a dual nature of extreme exposure and extreme obscurity. What really makes a good president? Is it the ability to be outwardly diplomatic and charismatic or the strength to surround yourself with potent advisors and experts and all matters presidential?

In the end, maybe a president is little more than just a puppet who gives an administration its face and maybe a good president is just someone with good puppeteers. Though the notion may sound cynical, I assure you it is far from it. Ultimate power should never be in the hands of one person and although being called a puppet may be seen as derogatory, in this instance it’s rather democratic ( “of, relating to, or supporting democracy or its principles” [definition courtesy of the New Oxford American Dictionary], not to be confused with the Democratic party).