Sitting on the fence

Shawn Magrath

Ah, the battle of red states vs. blue states wages on. Recent polls show both presidential candidates are nearly in a dead heat (with “mixed messages,” of course, according the AP) as each man campaign harder to reach that all so critical undecided voter.

I admit, I have in mind at this point who I would like to vote for but until election day, I’m sure I can be easily persuaded. In real perspective, it might be true that the most important event that determines the outcome of this election hasn’t happened yet, so I think it’s good to keep an open mind up until the moment I pull the lever. Some call it “sitting on the fence.” No, I won’t argue with that. It’s difficult to argue the truth. Besides, I like being on the fence; I can get a good view of both sides. Unfortunately, what I see, I’m not too particularly thrilled of. On one side, there’s a man who’s controversial healthcare plan forces citizens to purchase healthcare, even if said citizens could only dream of affording it; and on the other side, there’s President Obama… Boom! Just a fresh reminder that the Governor’s Massachusetts healthcare law served as a template used in the development of national healthcare reform (yes, I’m still undecided).

On a brighter note, a headline for the Huffington Post reads: “Mars Rover scoops up another big surprise.” I haven’t read the entire article yet, but I’m really hoping they found my spare car key. Losing things drives me crazy.

Also leading headlines in the field of science and astronomy, an alien planet was found close to Earth… at least what astronomers consider “close to earth” – only 25 trillion miles away. Daredevil Felix “Fearless Felix” Baumgartner is already planning to jump from the star back to Earth, breaking the light barrier before parachuting safely to the grounds of the New Mexico Desert.