Sports Editor’s Playbook, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012

Patrick Newell

* In the glow of his team’s 42-0 victory over Roscoe/Downsville last Saturday, UV head coach Daryl Decker looked across the field and saw slumping heads and shoulders as the Blue Devils met with their coach. Decker walked over to R/D head coach Fred Ahart and asked if he could say a few words to the Blue Devils. Decker had seen that look before – on the UV sidelines – three years ago. “I told them to not hang their heads. The team they played against was exactly in their shoes three years ago,” Decker said. “We didn’t finish games and got blown out 60-0. This group (of UV players) has stuck together, listened to their coaches, and they’ve become a decent team. I told them they have the potential to be a decent team. They have to stick it out through the rough times and listen to their coaches.” Decker also remembered the feeling when you’re on the short end of a blowout. He told his team that once they met their team goal for the day, they were done (scoring) and would switch it up. “My kids understood that because they know how it feels to get blown out,” Decker said. “We didn’t set out to embarrass them.” More from Decker…All season he has played the numbers game, and on game day he is never sure if he’ll have enough players to field a regulation team – 16 players. “I know I harp on it week after week, but every day I am counting guys in practice,” Decker said. “We’ve had practices where we only had 13 kids show up. You can’t do much in practice with 13 guys, and you certainly can play games. It’s a constant battle. There are probably eight guys walking around the school who used to play and could have helped us. We think by winning games and the potential of a winning season, that will help build the program and get more kids out.”

* Oxford assistant football coach Norm Kaufman is finishing up another season on the sidelines serving under head coach Ray Dayton. It’s a sure betg that Kaufman will transition to Oneonta State’s women’s basketball team this winter where he has served as an assistant coach the past few years. Kaufman was a head football coach at Norwich in the early 1970s, and has worked as an assistant almost continuously the last 40 years. I knew Kaufman had been around for at least 40 years, but I was surprised to learn that this year is actually his 51st year of coaching. Before he came to Norwich, he was an assistant coach in the New York City area for many years. “I love it,” Kaufman recently said at an Oxford football game. “It’s like a hobby to me.” Dayton had lofty praise for his venerable assistant who has probably forgotten more football than this writer will ever know. “I love the guy,” Dayton said. “He has great ideas, he loves football, and he loves working with the kids. He has no vested interest in any of the kids, but I can tell you he would do almost anything for them. Norm really loves the game, and he understands the life lessons you can gain from playing the game. He has been a great assistant, and he is even a better guy.”

* For the second time in as many weeks, we recognize a Greene soccer player as athlete of the week. Paige Wilcox has set the soccer pitch on fire since her ascension to the varsity level two years ago. For her career, she is averaging almost two goals a game, and through last week had 103 career goals. She is three shy of tying Greene’s all-time school mark, set last year by Alex Driscoll. With at least one game left this year and full season left to play, the junior striker may threaten the 150-goal mark. Without verifying statistics, I can safely conclude Wilcox will be Chenango County’s all-time leading goal scorer.

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