Pumpkin Fest, the Sherburne Inn, and my microwave

Shawn Magrath

A tip of the hat to organizers of this year’s Pumpkin Festival. Even with the loss of that traditional prelude to Halloween feeling (and the noticeable lack of pumpkins for an event called Pumpkin Fest), the two-day event seemed to go off without a hitch. As many already know, Pumpkin Fest this year was moved in hopes of attracting larger crowds and better weather. I haven’t heard the final tally for attendance yet, but I didn’t need my umbrella or winter coat, so even if the annual spectacle didn’t attract the turnout organizers were hoping for, one out of two ain’t bad.

The battle in Sherburne wages on as residents debate the historical value vs. economic value of keeping the former Sherburne Inn and adjacent Big M building on the main square. Granted, seeing the buildings demolished would be a heart-breaker, but my reasoning argues that their practicality died when the businesses they housed moved out. There’s simply no need for them, particularly if no one’s willing to invest in rehabilitation. And in keeping them there, vacant and worn, the only ones that stand to benefit are the pigeons and the ugly stone lion creatures setting at the end of the parking lot. Like most, I would love to see each building saved but arguably, warding off Stewart’s Shops from building on the corner is just drawing out a slow dying process for both properties. Too bad Stewart’s won’t get into the hotel business.

New political polls released last week indicate that Mitt Romney gained ground and is nearly in a dead heat against President Barack Obama… Finally for once, the rich white man has the upper hand.

On a separate and completely unrelated note, I’ve noticed that when I use the microwave, the plate spins clockwise. When I stop and restart it, the plate, for no apparent reason, spins counter clockwise. It’s a shame that The Evening Sun doesn’t have the in depth investigative reporting resources of the New York Times.