To infinity and … behond? Whatever, go Yankees!

Brian Golden

Oh my, you just have to love good politics (sarcasm intended). Wednesday’s presidential debate – besides being a colossal waste of time, as far as I’m concerned – showed us a new, improved Mitt Romney, one who genuinely cares for each and every one of us. He has a plan, and gosh-darn-it he’s going to stick to it. Fresh off his major victory (how someone can “win” a debate is beyond me), Romney once again showed his ability to flip and to flop, now telling the media he was “completely wrong” when he stated that 47 percent of Americans simply want a handout and pay zero in taxes.

Note to self … Romney is a joke, and could care less about my welfare and that of the middle class in general. Just my opinion.

That said, good luck, Mr. Romney, I think – in the long run – you’re going to need it.

So how about them Yankees? While I haven’t been what anyone could call an avid fan of America’s Game (being more of an NFL kind of guy), I love baseball this time of year. Something about the autumn season and the MLB playoffs simply go hand in hand. And now that my beloved Yanks have clinched the AL East title, it’s time to sit down and enjoy the team’s latest attempt to win its 28th World Series. Go Yankees!

And now, without further delay, this week’s “Most Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds Post of the Day,” courtesy of … Man … from … Norwich …
“Any adult who watches “Family Guy” is sick. Why in the world would an adult watch a child’s cartoon video (not even suitable for children) is behond explanation.”

Well, I gotta tell you, Man from Norwich, first of all, Family Guy is not a children’s cartoon (and I have no idea where you came up with that … have you ever seen the show?); secondly, I’m an adult, and I happen to find the program insanely funny (as long as you have a sense of humor and recognize good comedy when you see it); and lastly, it’s beyond, not “behond.”

And I have absolutely no idea what a “behond” is, in case anyone was wondering. Have a great weekend.