Heading north …

Brian Golden

Well, all I can say is that was one helluva week (and next week’s shaping up to be pretty hectic as well). Not that I’m complaining, because being busy really does make the time fly by. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m excited to “get out of Dodge” for the weekend, as I prepare to venture north once again to the land of ‘Cuse. Big gig for Master Thieves tomorrow afternoon, performing at the annual Tipperary Hill Music Festival. This is a first for the band and I’m happy to report we’re all extremely excited to lay it down good.

Note to self … I dig music.

I guess I ruffled some feathers with this week’s Evening Sun column (say it isn’t so), yet I’m surprised by the absolute hatred my opinions seem to garner at times. Sorry, but being called a liberal, socialist, communist, anti-American lowlife really isn’t going to get me to stop voicing said opinion. Believe it or not, I’m not the only person on the planet who supports (and believes in) our current president. By the way … great Letter to the Editor in today’s paper, James Lemery of Sherburne … spot on.

That said, ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time for my latest installment of “Most Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds’ Post of the Day” (actually submitted on Wednesday), brought to us this time around by the mysterious … the anonymous … the Man from Oxford.
“He who speaks of himself in the third party and knows that he speaks of himself knows not of the world but only of himself and is a megalomanic consumed with the greatness of himself in his own mind.”

Uh … sure, Man from Oxford, whatever you say. You’ll notice, I hope, that I corrected your spelling of megalomaniac. No charge and you can thank me later.