The end? Kids these days … and ’30 Seconds’

Brian Golden

Listening to the radio this morning while en route to the office, I heard a (slightly) humorous advertisement poking fun at the oft-perceived “imminent” demise of good old-fashioned newspapers the country over. Personally, I don’t think it’s reached that point quite yet – although that might be hard to argue – but it did get me thinking just how much things have changed, technologically speaking, over the past decade or two. Just imagine sitting down with … let’s say a six year old, one that probably knows the workings of your “smart phone” better than you do.

“Hey there, kid, have you heard the new ZZ Top album? You should grab a copy and give it a spin.”
“What’s an album? And what is a ZZ Top?”

“Hello, youngster, did you hear the big news that’s hot off the press? Make sure and take a look at today’s newspaper.”
“Don’t call me youngster, my iPhone 5 is bigger than your iPhone 4G. Anyway, what’s a press? And why is it hot? Newspaper? Is that some sort of blog or app or something?”

“Hey, little girl, why all dressed up? Going to have a tea party?”
“No, I’m not a member of the tea party. I’m a democrat. I voted for Obama.”
“But you’re six.”
“Well, maybe I didn’t vote for Obama, but I told my parents to. I also told them if they didn’t I’d throw a tantrum every time we went out in public.”

It’s no wonder there’s so much confusion when it comes to the “generation gap,” so to speak, these days.

Moving on (and without further ado) here’s this week’s Most Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds’ Post of the Day, brought to you by … Man from Norwich.
“Now that the Chenango county primary is open us, can I look forward to removal of the ridiculous number of road/lawn signes, list up billboard and that horrible radio jingle? Do we all really think that will make ignorant people vote one way?”
Which, I believe, was supposed to read, “Now that the Chenango County primary is upon us, can I look forward to the removal of the ridiculous number of road/lawn signs, billboards and that horrible radio jingle? Do we all really think that will make ignorant people vote one way?”

Well, Man from Norwich, first things first, I have absolutely no idea what a “list up billboard” is, so I simply removed it from your statement. Secondly, I’m fairly certain that the majority of the road/lawn signs and billboards will remain up through the November election. And lastly ­– but certainly not leastly (heh) – never underestimate what an ignorant person will do, because … well … ignorant people are fairly unpredictable.

With that, have a great weekend, everybody. See you on Monday.