Hey, look! A blog!

Brian Golden

Well, then, let’s see what’s in the news today, shall we? I’ve been missing from the blogosphere for a couple of weeks, now, I’m sorry to say. My only excuse? Yes, I’ve been that busy. With that said, here’s the news.

Politics are a messy, messy game (one that’s played with very little regard for your common American); climate change is real … no, it’s fake, it might be real or it might not … discuss; Bill Clinton is still awesome; another “Joker” in a movie theater (just what we need); and how ‘bout them Giants.

The 2013 NFL season, for those of you who didn’t know, kicked-off last night with an absolutely dismal performance by my favorite team, the aforementioned Giants. I would go into detail concerning my own, personal reaction to the game, but we don’t use that kind of language here on The Evening Sun blog, now do we?

Moving on … my Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds’ Post of the Day, submitted by none other than … Woman from Norwich.
“It’s fitting that on the day of Obama’s nomination for a second term, the government comes out with the latest Food Stamp numbers. A record 22.4 million people are receiving this benefit (15% of the entire population). Obama will in fact go down in history as the Food Stamp President. Thankfully, though, he will be a one term president also.”

Well, Woman from Norwich, I’m not going to argue those numbers (I’ll just have to hope you’re citing facts), but I do have this to say: More people are on Food Stamps because more people are poor. Logical, right? The fact of the matter is, the bi-partisanship that’s tearing this country apart is to blame for this unfortunate statistic, if you ask me, not the president. Last I knew, there was some kind of jobs bill that a certain party (Republicans?) has done its best to shoot down, not for any real reason other than to make Obama look bad. Face it, people, our government is useless at this point due to the fact that it’s more about “winning” than it is about “taking care of the American people.”

Oh, and Food Stamps never existed before Obama, right? Gimme a break. And the election hasn’t happened yet, so let’s wait before you start patting yourself on the back for getting that dastardly Barack Obama out of office, shall we? Then again, Mitt Romney’s such a saint (show me the money, please), he’s probably a shoe-in.

I love sarcasm.

With that said, we’ve got some big happenings going on tonight in the Norwich High School auditorium, if you hadn’t heard. At 7 p.m., The Evening Sun will host a “night out with the county judge candidates,” so to speak, an event I, myself (partnered with Melissa deCordova) will be covering for tomorrow’s edition of your hometown daily. I’m curious to see what kind of turnout we get, needless to say, and I hope people behave themselves.

Fact of life … a person (most of the time, at least), has the capability for intelligence. People, on the other hand, are much more unpredictable. Food for thought.