New reporter on the beat …

Kevin Doonan

Hello readers I’m Kevin Doonan, The Evening Sun’s brand new reporter. A recent graduate of Binghamton University and resident of Smyrna, I have been writing for the paper for a little over a week. I will be covering the regions of Sherburne, Greene, Oxford, Coventry, Guilford, Bainbridge and Afton – so if anyone hears of anything going on in those areas, get a hold of me!
My first two weeks working at the paper have been filled with fun new things. In just a short period of time, I have been exposed to parts of the county I never knew existed. For instance, I can count the number of times I have passed Greene Central School and wondered what the large, squat, faceless white building was doing leering over the grade school’s campus. This week, that curiosity was quenched when I discovered that it was the building housing the Raymond Corporation, the largest employer in Chenango County.
With that realization, a feeling of foolish satisfaction washed over me. Foolish for not having known something that seems like such common knowledge and satisfied because every gnawing, nagging whisper of curiosity I can squash represents a miniscule squelchy step taken towards tranquility. Of course with every question in life answered, arises a dozen more quandaries, each one pushing tranquility ever further away.
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