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Shawn Magrath

And so wraps up another week in the newsroom. It bears mentioning (if you haven’t already seen) that there have been changes in the reporter lineup starting this week. A warm welcome is extended to The Evening Sun’s newest reporter Kevin Doonan, who I understand is assuming the role as mild mannered “small towns” reporter by day and masked crime fighter by night (the role I use to have as the new kid on the block. It feels good to pass along that burden).

Now that the New Berlin Youth Days are here, the end of summer is following close behind. Like anyone, I love the longer days and warmer temperatures but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little relived. Between high school graduations, Gus Macker, the Chenango County Fair, Blues Fest and now, Youth Days, it seems that for the past three months, not a weekend has gone by without something to cover. Idle hands might be the devil’s workshop but busy weekends make for tired reporters.

I usually leave comments regarding posts on the The Evening Sun’s “30 Seconds” to the ever-so insightful Brian Golden to mention on his blog. Unfortunately, I would kick myself if I overlooked an argument about hay bales on the “30 Seconds” webpage that lasted two days. Did you know that most rectangular bales of hay can be found in Pennsylvania. I didn’t. Thanks “30 Seconds” poster.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the “birther” issue reared it’s ugly face again. Mitt Romney cracked a joke poking at President Obama’s origin of birth this week, saying that no one would ever ask him to see his birth certificate because they all know he was born in Michigan. So here we go, another month of making big news out of nothing. Good thing our country doesn’t have any real problems to focus on.

It’s a sad, sad day in New York City. Deepest condolences to all the victims and families involved.