Anonymity … it’s overrated

Brian Golden

Wow, another hot one out there, but a nice day for a drive. Just returned to the office (after lunch) following a really nice sit down with Mr. and Mrs. Chenango County Fair, Terry and Julie Ives of Guilford (or is it Bainbridge?) and Greenview Farms. Both were extremely gracious and I can see why they were named this year’s Ambassadors of All Things Chenango County Fair. Look for the story in an upcoming edition of The Evening Sun (maybe as early as Monday).

Speaking of the fair, I simply can’t believe it’s here already. And while I’m unsure which day next week will be my “personal work-related day at the fair,” I do know I’ll be there Wednesday night (for The Monarchs and Greg Allen’s Garth Brooks tribute) and Friday (for our annual Evening Sun Chenango County Fair Luncheon). I can’t wait for some of that home-made root beer with a big old scoop of vanilla ice cream … and some fried dough. Mmmmmm …

And now, once again, my Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds Post of the Week, brought to you by … Man from Oxford.
“I can understand trying to maintain a civil atmosphere by diminishing or eliminating “bashing,” but it seems to be an overreach of editorial conduct in that it goes against the principles of free speech.”
My esteemed editor’s online reply, “You’re still free to speak anywhere you’d like! If you have more to say than ’30 Seconds’ allows, please consider writing a Letter to the Editor, as many people have and continue to do.”
Sorry, Man from Oxford, but I’ve got to go with the boss on this one. ‘30 Seconds,’ if you hadn’t realized, is a product of The Evening Sun. If we were to print (or post) everything that’s submitted to our anonymous reader reaction line – in the name of free speech – well, let’s just say that’s not possible due to a number of (profanities) factors. Seriously, folks, if the only reason you’re taking part in ‘30 Seconds’ is to bash others (or maybe you just like being a troll) … I don’t know … don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

Like writing a Letter to the Editor, perhaps?

Then again, that means putting your name on something and an actual willingness to stand behind your opinion(s), kind of like we do every week with our editorials and columns. No offense intended, but it needed to be said.