The Jetsons never dealt with gas drilling

Shawn Magrath

I wish someone else would throw their hat in the ring as a presidential nominee. It’s not that I expect another candidate to be any better or worse than Obama and Romney; I just want to see a new face and hear a new name in the news – spice things up a little. Even with all the hype stressing the magnitude of the 2012 election (just as there has been every election, ever), I’m just not excited about heading to the polls in November.

Obama’s campaigning with the argument that under his leadership, the American economy avoided a deeper, longer-lasting recession. It’s difficult to run on the platform “Hey, I think things could have been worse.” On the other hand, the Romney campaign’s struggling too, fighting off the perceptions that the Romney household is where fun goes to die. Agree or disagree with his policies, it’s impossible to argue that Romney is a PR nightmare. His campaign coordinators are doing all they can to convince the public that he is all but boring, even recently sending out his five sons to late night talk shows and entertainment news broadcasts to convince the public that there’s a fun-loving guy somewhere deep, deep, deep inside Mitt. I’ve hear it said before that the only way Mitt has a fun-loving guy inside him is if he were pregnant with Steve Martin’s baby.

On to something less political, what a great performance by the Royal Southern Brotherhood in East Park last night. With the first of many free concerts throughout the summer a success, I only look forward to what’s in store for the rest of the season. Watching such an awesome show makes be really regret choosing to play the trombone in high school…

Love it or hate it, it seems as though things are looking more and more favorable for gas drilling in the area. I’m still on the fence when it comes to drilling, but now that four Chenango County townships have shown support for the DEC, Afton being the latest to hop on the bandwagon, it feels like I – and a number other county folk – won’t have the time to reach a conclusion in favor or in opposition of it. It’s difficult to argue against the need for clean water but at the same time, I like to turn on my lights at night. Personally, I’m more an advocate for other forms of energy, primarily wind and solar (or even hamsters running on exercise wheels, so long as it doesn’t poison my drinking water). With with all the technological advances made over the last few decades, it seems that we wouldn’t be in a position where there’s such passionate debate over choosing between energy and health. The Jetsons never had to deal with this problem.