Editor’s Notebook: 6/14/12

Jeff Genung

• Happy Flag Day, and all. Hope you remembered to fly Old Glory proud!

• Been a while since last we chatted, but it’s been pretty busy at Chenango County’s Hometown Daily, what with a Pageant of Bands, Mustang Rally, Dairy Day and some guy on trial for murder – again.

• That aside, I’m remiss in not mentioning earlier my trip down to the Chenango River Theatre in Greene to see Neil Simon’s hit “Broadway Bound” a couple weeks back. This is the last weekend for the show – with performances set for tonight, Friday and Saturday at 7:30, and a Sunday matinee at 2. As always, our neighbors to the south put on a stellar show, with professional equity actors in Broadway-worthy performances. “Broadway Bound” is part of Simon’s much-loved “BB” trilogy (that includes “Biloxi Blues” and “Brighton Beach Memoirs”), a semi-autobiographical look at Simon’s early life in 1940s New York. It tells the tale of Eugene and Stanley, brothers struggling (and nearly strangling) to become comedy writers for television. They’re surround by a cast of characters, literally, in their own family – their dad has been cheating on their mother, and their Socialist grandfather is always ready with a quip. When the two seek inspiration for their sketches, they need look no further than their own relations – who get lampooned hilariously, much to their consternation. Filled with rapid-paced dialogue and a quick wit, “Broadway Bound” is a fun trip down memory lane. Catch it if you can; like all Chenango River Theatre shows, it doesn’t disappoint!

• Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the annual recital for the Perkins School of the Arts in Norwich. Like the show down in Greene, the Perkins troupe is far more professional and talented than you might expect to see on a stage in a tiny upstate New York town, but wow … what an amazing group of young adults! From the music to the costumes to the lighting, no detail is left untouched as these dancers perfect their craft and show off the fruits of their efforts. Choreography, much like nuclear fusion, is a science well beyond my grasp – but at least with choreography I know it’s good when I see it. And with Amber, Mikey, Travis, Christina et. al behind the scenes, it is very, very good. Next up, the Donna Frech School of Dance’s annual recital this weekend (story was on Wednesday’s front page), another exceptionally talented group of young performers backed by an instructor who’s been at it for decades. We truly are lucky to have both of these gems available right here in our hometown. Almost makes me wanna dance …

• Which I’m probably not drunk enough to do in public, ever, but hey. I’m well into my summer of Fridays Off, so ya never know where the day might take me. Until next time, dear readers, have a great weekend!