A new blog and my trip to NY

Shawn Magrath

At long last, an updated blog. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve put it off this week for no good reason.

My wife and I made a the drive to New York City last weekend, something that I dragged my feet about at first. Honestly, it was a blast and we fit right in with the rest of the tourists that crowded every other street in Manhattan – map in hand, camera around the neck, wallet sticking out of the back pocket, and walking while always looking straight up. It’s easy to spot a tourist in New York.

In two days, I think we managed to hit up the major attractions in Manhattan, from Central Park down to Wall St. – the highlight, I think, was a visit to the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the new memorial, which was barricaded by wooden walls and temporary construction banners. To see it, visitors need to request tickets in advance (something I didn’t know), my guess being that it’s an attempt for crowd control at an enormous construction site. In any case, we did get a close-up glimpse of the massive Freedom Tower, which is planned to grow taller still by more than 400 feet… I feel a nose bleed coming on already.

On another topic, Sherburne’s the place to be if you’re looking for something to do this Saturday. I’m pretty excited about this weekend’s Pageant of Bands. As a Sherburne-Earlville alumni, and former band geek trombone player, it’s something I look forward to every year and something I miss being a part of (because when I was in high school, nothing drew the ladies’ attention like a nerdy boy who played the trombone). Without lying, I could use the pick-up line, “Hey baby, I’m in a band and we’re pretty good.” In hindsight, that line might have worked better if I didn’t say it was the marching band… and I’m pretty sure the words “hey baby” didn’t do me any favors.

As an avid skeptic of the dumb sounding “Zombie Apocalypse,” I usually stay away from even mentioning the issue (though fellow reporter Brian Golden doesn’t shy from it); but recent events including the face-eating naked man in Florida, a Maryland college student who admitted to eating his roommate’s heart and brain, a “mysterious rash” breakout in a school in Hollywood, CA, and another flesh eating murderer in Canada, is more than enough to raise an eyebrow, even for a skeptic like me. Yet, as graphic and gruesome as these recent stories are, there’s reassurance; the Center for Disease Control officially denounced the existence of zombies this week. Whew – there you have it. If the government says it doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t exist, right? Personally, I don’t see this wave of twisted events as a sign of a zombie invasions as much as it is a rise in sick weirdos. Either way, it creates a tough new demographic of voters for Romney and Obama this campaign season.