My Thursday blog

Shawn Magrath

Clearly, whoever thought McDonald’s isn’t a way of life has never been to Norwich, NY. For anyone who hasn’t noticed, the Norwich McDonald’s was demolished the other day to make way for a new, modernized McDonald’s. Yes, gone are the days when you can satisfy your craving for a McCheeseburger and a McShake, resulting in a need for McInsulin and a McNap – temporarily anyway. A picture of the demolition site got its fair share of comments on the Evening Sun Facebook page too (I’ve heard McDonald’s called a lot of different things, but never a “historic building” before. That’s a wee bit of stretch). Now that McDonald’s is closed and all that’s left is a few grease stains on the pavement where it once stood, I’m looking for a new restaurant where I can get all my free napkins and ketchup packets; I’m running low already.

Scary stuff for the folks at Chobani this week after an ammonia leak forced employees to evacuate, but I applaud the company for the way it handled the emergency. It’s nice to know everyone’s safe. And while on the subject of Chobani, the company’s still shooting it’s commercial using local farms, employees, and people. Soon, I know Chenango County’s going to have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, earning a rightful spot someplace between Jackie Gleason and the country band Alabama (Yeah, I would say a lot of Chenango Countians are a cross between those two).

As I’m sure most are well aware by now, Facebook went public last week with the intent of turning billionaires into gazillionaires. Unfortunately, it seems that the value of Facebook was a little exaggerated and stocks of Facbook have sunk like a bag of rocks since it’s IPO (if only life were full of guarantees… I wonder how many investors are unfriending Mark Zuckerberg). And now, it seems that some of the company’s shareholders are pursuing a lawsuit, suing Facbook Inc because they believe Facebook’s value was intentionally modified. Suing someone for loosing a gamble? It all goes back to that old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, accuse someone of faulty information that veils crucial statistics and leads to the substantial decline of common stock.” Who didn’t recite that line once or twice as a child?

On a more personal note, my wife and I are planning a trip to New York City this weekend. It’s going to be the second mini vacation we’ve had since marrying in 2009, so it should be nice, even if I’m not looking forward to driving in that mess. The crowded streets, bumper to bumper traffic, concrete and glass everywhere – It’s a long leap from my visit to Smithville earlier this week (Cue theme from “Green Acres”).