Slip ‘n’ slides and hover cars

Shawn Magrath

Is “Just Sayin” the new, trendy slogan. I’ve seen it all over Facebook lately (never used by me) and today, for the first time, I saw it at the end of a ’30 seconds’ post. I’ve nothing against anyone who throw in those last two senseless words, but good God, is it obnoxious – right up there with the overuse of the word “like” (as in ‘I’m, like, typing a blog’). Fortunately, I now know I don’t stand alone in my battle against all phrases that annoy me. Together we can beat this stupid trend Man from Sherburne.

Another $52,000 has been tacked on to the total cost of the Kurt Beyer Pool renovation project. Who would have ever thought that a pool would cost so much money? It’s a hole in the ground that holds water. Nonetheless, I commend the city for moving forward with the project. It’s better than the alternative; a kiddy pool and a slip ‘n’ slide in the back corner of Rotary Park…

Apparently, the national gas price average has fallen for the fifth consecutive week. Has anyone noticed? Yeah, me neither. I’ll be a little more impressed when $5 of gas is enough to get me out of the Hess parking lot. Just sayin’.

To offset the cost of gas, how about a hover car that produces no emissions? In comes Volkswagon to the rescue. The company has unveiled a concept design for a hover car that would undoubtedly change the way we get around and even more exciting, bring us what we’ve all been waiting for… reduced road kill and significant jump in mid-air collisions! Finally! I would happily explain how the hover car works if I understood it (something to do with magnets) but thank the stars I write for a living.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. My macaroni necklace and Popsicle stick picture frame gifts are coming along very nicely and so far, no unfortunate hot glue incidents. It’s going to be a good day. Just sayin’.