When it rains …

Brian Golden

Wow … when it rains it pours, as they say. This has been – in many ways – one of the busiest weeks I’ve ever experienced here at The Evening Sun, excluding the dreaded, yearly P-word edition (that word, if you get my meaning, is not allowed in the newsroom from the end of January through December). Training, practicing and more training for our esteemed editor’s well-deserved mini-vacation next week; a missing Town of Preston man who’s yet to be found; a McDonough fire that completely destroyed a lakeside camp on Genegantslet Lake (wow, spelled that right the first try); Paint the County Purple; County Court; and – last but certainly not least – the New Berlin horse shootings.

Don’t get me started on that one. I think I’ll let my thumbs down in Friday’s paper speak for itself, thank you.

So what else do I have on my plate, you ask? Why, my best friend and fellow Master Thief Eric Tozer’s “bachelor party.” It’s funny … most people seem to think a groom-to-be’s bachelor party involves total chaos, exotic dancers and the like, but that’s simply not the case with Tozer, myself and our tight-knit group of friends. In fact, that kind of bachelor party – as compared to our plans – couldn’t be further off the mark. Instead, we’ve rented a mountainside lodge, we’re stocking up on lots of non-healthy food (steaks, bacon, barbecue chicken and … more steaks) and the appropriate beverages, and – of course – bringing along the requisite musical instruments. Hard to believe the wedding is almost here already and I couldn’t be happier for Tozer and his bride-to-be.

With that said, here’s this week’s Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds’ Comment of the Week, brought to you by Man from Smithville (and unedited, for your information).
“I wondering if everyone who is upset about the horse shooting would be up set if the guy shot six cows instead I myself would not think so why are horse s more important then a cow or any other aniaml ”

Which I’m guessing should read … “I am wondering if everyone who is upset about the horse shooting would be upset if the guy shot six cows instead? I, myself, would not think so. Why are horses more important than a cow or any other animal?”

Just saying.