Learning curves, American Idol and … ’30 Seconds’

Brian Golden

Well, it’s been an interesting week here at The Evening Sun (isn’t it always?), spent learning the ups and downs of newspaper assembly, all so our esteemed editor can take a well-deserved mini-vacation in a few weeks. Needless to say, it’s amazing just how much work goes into our hometown daily paper each and every day, and it’s been both exciting and a little nerve-wracking while discovering more about the process. Regardless, it’s a big responsibility and one I’m taking pretty seriously.

Moving on, how about last night’s American Idol? Like millions of others out there, I’m now hooked on the one-of-a-kind talent show (thanks, Renée!), so much so that I’ve missed-out on most of the current Survivor, another “reality” show I somehow became addicted to. And while I can’t say I’ve agreed with America’s choices each and every week, that’s an extremely talented bunch they’ve got up there on the stage. My breakdown of the top five? Here goes … Phillip Phillips (nice name): Dave Matthews clone, but by far the most original of the bunch (and at least he can actually play that guitar), and I suppose my favorite at this point in the competition. Joshua Ledet: What can I say? If Phillip is my number 1, then Joshua is my 1A (or 1.5 … or something). Fantastic voice, great showmanship and another true original. Jessica Sanchez: Extremely talented but kind of predictable (and maybe a little egotistical, to boot?). Has to be my number three simply because of Hollie Cavanagh (sorry, not a fan) and Skylar Laine (no comment … trying to be nice).

And now … my Most Ridiculous ‘30 Seconds’ Post of the Week, brought to you by Man from Norwich …
“To the mfs (I’m guessing that means Man from Sherburne … or maybe Smyrna … Smithville?). If Obama gets another four years this country will be so far in debt that it would take a lifetime to get out of! Free market is the foundation of this country! Obama is a socialist!”

Umm … no he isn’t. Do you even know the definition of socialist? Didn’t think so.

This is your brain. This is your brain when you watch too much Fox News.

And now (cue “Eye of the Tiger”) it’s time for more training and/or reviewing of training notes. Yo, Adrian!