Happy fundraising

Shawn Magrath

Another beautiful day. If this is what the end of winter looks like, I look forward to the last week of the winter season.

There must be something about March that causes local non-profit organization to wake from a long winter hibernation. Roots and Wings, Habitat for Humanity, Friends of Rogers, St. Baldricks, The United Way, and Big Brothers Big Sisters all have their own fundraising event this month – and all for a good cause, by the way. That’s a lot of giving for the most charitable in our community. If you have a cause to which you would like to contribute, you certainly have your options.

We’re almost halfway through March already, which means (believe it or not) it’s time to start looking toward summer activities. Blues Fest, the Fair, Colorscape – all fun, but I’m really looking forward to Airport Day in June. Planes fascinate me and what’s more fascinating is that a trained pilot can barrel role a plane hundreds of feet in the air without screaming like a nine-year-old girl (at least I’ve never heard it before). I have to say, it’s nothing I would try doing myself if I were cool enough to have pilots license, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of being in the same plane as someone who would… so long as I have dry underwear and a brown paper bag handy.

When I wrote an article about renovations at Burger King at the South end of town, I think I underestimated just how much work construction crews planned to do. I drove by it today and the place looked a little less like a restaurant and more like a wooden box with a drive drive-thru. I heard that it closed temporarily – my heart goes to a select few Chenango County residents who possibly thought they would starve to death. I’m sure that the temporary closing of Burger King influenced some sort of self-revelation among some people out there. Personally, I choose not to eat there. It’s tasty, but a Whopper has a really distinct scent that lingers in the car for months. You can’t hose that smell out.