It’s a gorgeous day out there

Shawn Magrath

For the avid readers, I’m sure that you saw the Rails for Trails article written by Julian in yesterday’s paper. While I don’t foresee a train running through Chenango County any time soon (if ever), I say it’s not time to dump the rails yet. And to have trails take their place is just a waste of time, effort and money. The thought of trails promoting a healthier lifestyle in the area and increasing tourism is too idealistic. Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s a great idea for more metropolitan areas and perhaps if Chenango County wasn’t… well… Chenango County, I would jump on board. But let’s not lie to ourselves; few people would use a new trail and it would only be a matter of time before it was covered with weeds and garbage.

Speaking of jumping on board (segue), a lot of people are kicking themselves with excitements now that Apple unveiled its new iPad, complete with high definition display screen and 4G. And at a starting price of $629 for Wi-Fi and 4G, it’s much iCooler, iFaster, and iBetter than any iPiece-of-crap I can afford. Time to start collecting change from the couch cushions.

What a beautiful day! Though to fully appreciate the sunshine and 60 degree weather, let’s look at Evening Sun headlines from March 7, 2011:

“Snowmageddon!” “Chenango Declares State of Emergency” “Roads close as storm buries Chenango again”

Makes a good day feel that much better, doesn’t it?