Editor’s Notebook: 3/7/12

Jeff Genung

• Longtime local historian Patricia Scott writes our weekly series on the old one-room rural school houses – “Schools of the Past” – each Thursday in The Evening Sun. Once in a while, she’ll drop off a historical tidbit she’s come across while doing her research to share with me. I thought this one was worth republishing … from the Jan. 26, 1963 edition of The Evening Sun, I give you …


The following are a set of goals that should be the aim of the people, organizations and governing bodies of Norwich and Chenango County.

1. Rehabilitation and expansion of the downtown Norwich shopping area.

2. Provide more housing and apartment facilities in and around Norwich.

3. Improve highways and provide better farm-to-market roads and streets.

4. City and County cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Industrial Committee, in order to secure new industries and more payrolls.

5. County wide program to beautify public buildings, parks and homes.

6. Encourage better relationship between urban and rural residents for common progress.

7. Plan for better and bigger library.

8. Encourage individual and corporate business growth and expansion.

9. Boost Chenango County as a good place to live, do business and as a vacation area.

1963!! Well, at least we got that better and bigger library.

• That’s it for today … get out there and enjoy the sunshine!