Editor’s Notebook: 3/5/12

Jeff Genung

• In case you haven’t heard the tortured cries and frustrated grumblings coming from our ivory tower on Lackawanna Avenue, The Evening Sun has endured an editorial software upgrade over the last week or so – the first major upgrade since the mid-1990s, mind you. Mostly, it went off without a hitch. Astute readers may have witnessed a few wonky things in our print edition, but hopefully we’ll have them all ironed out soon. Bear with us, dear readers! It’s been like learning this job, from a technical standpoint, all over again. My head is ready to explode.

• Congratulations to the Norwich Purple Tornado Boys Basketball team on their victory over the weekend! Of course I’d forgotten they were playing that night (that’s what I pay Pat Newell to keep track of) and thought the zombie apocalypse had started in downtown Norwich when I heard all the sirens going off. A hero’s welcome beats a zombie apocalypse any day. For those interested in seeing more of Frank Speziale’s pictures from the game, check out the gallery I posted on our Facebook page today.

• More than $4,000 for a chicken barbecue? Wow, those New Berliners really do love their village ambulance, don’t they? Wonder if the UVAC board members ate crow.

• Brian Golden’s off to the rescheduled “Music in Our Schools Month” concert tonight at Norwich. Check out our website tomorrow for a photo gallery.