Editor’s Notebook: 2/29/12

Jeff Genung

• So much for the “extra” day this year. If it was indeed “extra,” why am I still so far behind? Suck it, Leap Year.

• Speaking of which, this calendar aberration threw a wrench into our ongoing software upgrade/installation in the ES newsroom today. Seems a plug-in for our new program didn’t anticipate the 2/29 date and refused to work. I empathize.

• Newsflash: It’s snowing. Although that’s really all that should be said about the subject, I’m sure Brian will have a story about it in tomorrow’s paper anyway – that scanner was going nonstop this afternoon. Hopefully everyone’s playing it safe out there.

• I’ve refrained from commenting thus far on the whole New Berlin ambulance saga because I simply don’t get it — but it seems to be getting curiouser and curiouser. What’s the motivation for starting a new service, which essentially duplicates an existing one, when no one wants it? OK, to be fair, 10 people want it (the UVAC board). Unless we’re simply not hearing from the supporters, it’s an idea that seems wildly unpopular. What gives?

• And since I’d be remiss if I were not to comment on the current season of American Idol, let me just state for the record that I will not buy an album from anyone named Deandre Brackensick. Or, for that matter, Englebert Humperdinck.