It’s people like you that are the backbone of this country

Shawn Magrath

Another year gone by, another Academy Awards that I didn’t watch. It’s not that I don’t support the arts and film industry; I do… sort of. OK, It’s not that I discourage the arts and film industry, it’s just that I don’t necessarily care to watch an awards show for it.

Newt Gingrich got my attention in a news article I read earlier today. While addressing a conservative crowd at a Georgia church, he said it’s up to God and the American people to decide the next President. I’m not trying to step on toes by mentioning God in a blog; I’m just bringing to light my own self-revelation that candidates know the right things to say in order to appease the right group of people at the right time. What an art! Every speech they give is meticulously tailored for a specific demographic. It reminds me of the Chris Rock movie “Head of State:” “It’s people like you, the ranchers, that are the backbone of this country” … “It’s people like you, the factory workers, that are the backbone of this country” … “It’s people like you, the church people, that are the backbone of this country.” I wonder who Gingrich would have said decides the next President if he weren’t in a church…

Way back in mid-November, I wrote an article involving the Chenango SPCA and took a picture of Bo, a bull terrier mix at the shelter, to go along with the article. Sadly, the dog that became a pseudo celebrity thanks to a headshot on the front page of the Evening Sun is still at the SPCA. Sounds like a sad children’s book to me: “The Puppy that Nobody Wanted.” Best of luck to Bo; hang in there, buddy.

Gas prices have risen for the 20th consecutive day. I’m considering the option of selling my car or trading in for a lama and a saddle. It’s good to keep options open when it comes to alternative modes of transportation.