Editor’s Notebook: 2/27/12

Jeff Genung

• I figured it was about time I remembered how to blog again, with March drawing nigh and all. I’m hoping despite the slight resurgence of winter over the weekend, that spring really is right around the corner.

• Congratulations to Greene’s Kyle Stanton, whose wrestling triumphs over the weekend made the front page today. Kyle’s the son of my fellow Oxford Academy alum, Janet Ardron Stanton. Kid cuts quite the imposing figure!

• Woo-hoo, another dollar store! Actually, it’s the same dollar store – Dollar Tree has moved from Broad Street to the Tops Plaza on East Main, as NBT’s continued expansion required even more space. Good news? More like shell game, if you ask me. Certainly seems to be a good move for Dollar Tree, and the Tops Plaza looks a lot healthier – but now there’s a giant strip on Broad (first the old A&P, now Dollar Tree – and the old Resnick’s Mattress, et al.) that’s gone from retail space to office space. Which would be a bad thing if retail space downtown were at a premium, but unfortunately it’s not. Six of one, half dozen of another, as my mother would say.

• Big news in the ES newsroom today — we’re embarking on our first major editorial software upgrade since 1994! Seems like only yesterday the good folks of Baseview came out here from Ann Arbor to install NewsEdit for the first time. And while the software did see a series of reiterations through the years, it’s begun to show its age. Today, Baseview’s known as MediaSpan, and instead of a team, we got one guy (progress, presumably) … but I for one am pretty excited. My trusty reporting staff doesn’t do a whole lot beyond your basic word processing, but for someone who works end to end (and under the hood) like me, it’s pretty gosh darn exciting. Between this and the upcoming issue of the iPad 3 … OK, I’m going to stop drooling and move on.